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…slowly but surely you remind me why I love you during the summer.

This weekend I:

-biked 7 miles around the lake and proved to Nate that no, he can NOT make it 6 miles in the time it takes me to do 3.

-bought my wedding dress!

-chose our photographer

-washed our car

-spent time with my sister

-watched baseball!

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Until presently I’ve been reasonably sure I don’t have any stray, unidentified children clomping their way around this fine globe of ours.  And that’s no accident.  Then I heard this clip on the Power Trip Morning Show on the drive to my office today and now I’m not so sure:

This one’s going to give somebody a run for their money, eh?  Go get ’em girl.

I’ve broken several rules here so that’s enough talk of kids for the remainder of the year. I think I just got pregnant watching this.

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Monday came far too quickly this week and it’s not because I had a particularly busy or even eventful weekend.  In fact, this was the second straight weekend since returning from California where I’ve refused to schedule anything other than sleep. I slept until noon on both Saturday and Sunday – something I haven’t done for quite some time – without really even trying.  I’ve had a cold and tell myself the sleep was needed but why, then, is it 6:30 on Monday morning and I feel like I haven’t slept in a week?

I have a severe case of the winter blahs which probably sounds far more dramatic than intended but is still very real. I’m not going to jump off the Hennepin bridge but I can’t find motivation for anything other than work so I’ve thrown myself into that head first.  In my personal life I’ve only really been doing the things I can’t put off any longer, which is sad because I am excited about a lot of things.  Nate helped me ward off my usual winter grumpiness and I was pretty chipper straight through the holidays but once that was over,  early January was a bit rough.  I managed to escape for a good week and a half to The Warm but now I’m just burnt out. I love Minnesota so it has less to do with being unhappy where I am and more do to with the legitimately real lack of Vitamin D in my life.  The first thing I did after plopping into my office chair this morning – after I laid my head on my desk and internally screamed, “Whhhhhy?!” was take a 3 and a half minute breather to watch this video of I Hate Everyone, a song by Get Set Go.  My best friend Lia brought it to my attention several years ago:


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a new level of nerd-dom

I’ve reached a point in my life where I understand why this is funny.  Sigh.



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