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think big

People are willing to give you what you ask.

But you have to ask.


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Boom. Production value : Upped.

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My house looks like a scene straight out of Jumanji and judging by the fact that it’s January 25th and we’ve yet to take down our Christmas tree, it’s probably going to wait.  It was right back to the office after returning to Minneapolis a week ago yesterday, and despite having an entire weekend at home to re-cooperate, I’m still go go going. Hopefully that doesn’t sound whiny because the truth is I enjoy work and a lengthy To-Do list, almost to a fault probably.

It’s been my intention for a week now to tell you, oh HEY everyone WE ARE GETTING MARRIED! We’re incredibly private people when it comes to our relationship so I’ve been struggling to broach the topic  in a way that makes it less about the announcement and more about what really matters – the friendship and continued commitment we already have. Then I find myself listing off the who, what, where and when of the whole thing – us, engagement, Hermosa Beach, January 17th – and I end up sounding like my relationship status is a business transaction when the truth is I am excited and I am happy.  I’ve gotten a lot of congratulatory messages from people I haven’t even spoken to in years and if I’m being completely honest, it’s a bit awkward.  I appreciate the well wishes – absolutely – but it seems strange to receive a ‘job well done!’ when we’ve been a family for so long even I’ve lost track.  7 years? 8 years? 7.5 years? The truth is, IT DOESN’T MATTER.  We’re each other’s strongest ally.  I was about to say we are incredibly lucky – and maybe in some ways we are – but I don’t know if luck has anything to do with it. It’s been hard, and at times it has been real work. But luck? I don’t know if I’ve ever received anything because of luck.  It’s effort and integrity and making each other better people.  We share everything so perhaps at this point I am most excited to share our name.  Pretty ecstatic about the dress too.  NOT GONNA LIE.

Oh yea, and about that photo slideshow.  We’ll get there. It’s on my To-Do list right after “remember to breathe.”

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I returned yesterday from almost two weeks in beautiful, sunny Southern California (I know – poor me) where I spent a little over a week in Huntington Beach on business followed by a much needed four day vacation in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. My entire body is sore.  I’m sunburned, I sliced my foot on the beach and I completely lost my voice on day 7.  An average of 5 hours of sleep per night was the norm.  And I feel awesome. This trip reconfirmed everything I already knew – the sun? I need it.  While on the plane, I tried to recap (I sware!) what was our two year anniversary of moving from LA but found it impossible to encapsulate my thoughts and feelings.  And I don’t care because it was exactly what I needed.

Ah well, better luck next time.  Later this week I hope to finish and share a photo slideshow of our vacation.  Also? I’m freezing.

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The Hermosa Pier

Our lease will be up soon so we’re moving in July, but to where has yet to be determined.  My near nine months of unemployment after moving to Minneapolis pretty much put all plans to decorate our current place on hold, but now that I’m officially employed, it’s game on.

We’ve decided to start small, partly because we’re still playing a bit of catch-up, but mostly because who wants to buy a bunch of new items only to have to move it all three months later?  As it stands, we already have to finagle a way to lower our massive couch 12 feet over our balcony, because it’s too large to fit down our hallway.  (You know what they say about people with big couches, don’t you? Me either).  I’m not so patiently awaiting the day we get to move out of our current place but now I find myself trying to decorate rooms that I haven’t even seen yet.

I spent last weekend in Madison with my best girlfriends, at Jen’s adorable apartment.  She has tons of her own great shots lining her walls which has kicked me in the butt to finally purchase some of my favorite shots we’ve taken over the past few years.  I’m turning our bedroom into a beachy, breezy bungalow and if you’re concerned I’ll decorate with seashells, then obviously you don’t know me very well at all.  Stay tuned.

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Like so many Americans, we traveled a lot for the holidays.  Craptastic weather threatened most of the Midwest in the form of a blizzard dubbed by the social media world as “Snowmageddon,” but when it comes to Christmas, my family doesn’t fuck around, and there was no way I was letting the possibility of 24 inches of snow, freezing rain and a little bit of life-threatening sleet ruin my Christmas plans.  So I made the boyfriend drive (and by ‘made’ I mean that he drove because he barely lets me behind the wheel.  Even when the car is off.  Let alone when it going 20 miles per hour down the snow-packed freeway).  We traveled between Minneapolis, southern Minnesota, Wisconsin and back to Minnesota over three action packed days.

I can haz freeway?

A brief aside: Since moving back to the Midwest–I almost just typed “Wisconsin.” *Shudder* (Just kidding, guys!)–I’ve had several people comment on the way I announce the freeway.  Up until recently I’ve always thought I said, “I’m on the 494,” or, “I’m on *the* 10, heading into downtown.”

No one says “I’m on Freeway.” (I love lamp, anyone?) I would think the same holds true for “I’m on *the* 494.” Why would anyone say “I’m on 494”? Another example: “I’m eating *the* Cheeto.” singular.  Unless you want to say “I’m eating Cheetos,” plural.  In which case, that would be correct.

As time has continued, however, it has seemed to suggest that I may have developed this habit of inserting ‘the’ before the name of the freeway while living in Los Angeles. But I don’t remember a period of time where I’ve never *not* said ‘the’.  Can someone explain this to me?  Is this a Midwest thing that I just never noticed growing up?  If that’s the case, it reaffirms the fact that I’m still experiencing total culture shock almost a full year later, and what the fuck?

Mecca (if Christmas were a Muslim)

The lovely green package in the lower right-hand corner in a the above photo is a product of my brother’s superb wrapping skills.  It’s okay, he’s an “artist.”

Before the holiday, I had worked out a plan to fashion a home made cream cheese dip in the hope it would become my signature holiday food contribution.  But then the boyfriend did all of the work, and well, it became “Nate’s Dip that Karlie planned,” and sometimes I just think I have extraordinary magical powers.

When he is older, he will appreciate the fashion decisions made by his mother. HE WILL.

We ate too much and slept too little, with family we see far too infrequently, over a fantastic weekend that flew by far too quickly.  We drank the perfect number of Tom and Jerry’s and played Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” on the jukebox four too many consecutive times.  (As it turns out, that’s the perfect number.)

Hopefully everyone else out there had a beautiful holiday season and I wish you all a prosperous, joy-filled 2010.  Until January, Internet!

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Dick Cook out at Disney

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