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And hey, good thing he is better at his non-job than these people are at their real ones, eh?  Overpaid media personalities everywhere – run for your liiiiiiiives.


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…if the day ever comes where your Frontierville Sorority, Farmville Pacman or Speedy  Aquarium for donating free fake internet toys to your imaginary online frontier elves or Whatever THE HELL THAT THING IS pops up on my Facebook wall after absolutely no interaction from me whatsoever, we probably never knew each other anyway and is therefore grounds for immediate termination of any and all further communication.

And I’m going to go ahead and preempt the internet right now and say that yes, I do know I can totally block all that shiz yo, but I shouldn’t have to. Besides, who has the time to keep up with every new and increasingly creepy thing Facebook invents like every other day? End Rant.


warm...breathe...be zen...it's already...Tuesday. well that doesn't help. 🙂

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I lost my music collection a few years ago.  Thousands and thousands of songs vanished into cyber-whateverthefuck because I wasn’t smart enough to back up my files.  Never again I tell you, never again.  I’d completely forgotten about one of my favorite holiday songs until it popped up on my Linda Eder Pandora station (word to your mothaaaa) this afternoon while at the office.  There’s nothing quite like fighting the urge to belt out a solid G#5  in the middle of a silent office.

Sigh…I really feel like my streaming internet-radio of choice knows me.

And I’m still not quite convinced Josh Groban  is a real person, by the way.

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And you know what I hate? The phrase “Times they are a changing”.  No fucking shit time is changing.  Isn’t that the point of time – that it’s always advancing, that one moment isn’t the same as the next? I hate redundancy.

The day ended well.

Let’s end this on a high note too with a Cute Puppy Alert.  PUPPY!:

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