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…slowly but surely you remind me why I love you during the summer.

This weekend I:

-biked 7 miles around the lake and proved to Nate that no, he can NOT make it 6 miles in the time it takes me to do 3.

-bought my wedding dress!

-chose our photographer

-washed our car

-spent time with my sister

-watched baseball!


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probable – the mathematical or statistical probability something will occur


likely – the realistic representation of what will actually take place

i have a dream to one day live free of snow and ice

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Until presently I’ve been reasonably sure I don’t have any stray, unidentified children clomping their way around this fine globe of ours.  And that’s no accident.  Then I heard this clip on the Power Trip Morning Show on the drive to my office today and now I’m not so sure:

This one’s going to give somebody a run for their money, eh?  Go get ’em girl.

I’ve broken several rules here so that’s enough talk of kids for the remainder of the year. I think I just got pregnant watching this.

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Friday ended the single most trying week I have ever had at my office.

Today was the first day since probably fall where I instinctively smiled when I stepped outside to get the mail because hey! Is that a bird chirping? And wait! Is the mountain of snow that’s been blocking the driveway for 3 months now down to only six feet of icy death?!”  (yea, it was yesterday’s mail. what of it?)

My phone’s weather app has been cooped up all winter so he isn’t picking up on the moderate amount of sunshine I see coming through my window.  (It’s a defense mechanism.)  So I’ve taken the liberty to implement a few adjustments I’d like the universe to consider heading into Monday morning.

I’m about to ship it off to Sven Sundgaard at Kare 11.  Weather. And more.

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Monday came far too quickly this week and it’s not because I had a particularly busy or even eventful weekend.  In fact, this was the second straight weekend since returning from California where I’ve refused to schedule anything other than sleep. I slept until noon on both Saturday and Sunday – something I haven’t done for quite some time – without really even trying.  I’ve had a cold and tell myself the sleep was needed but why, then, is it 6:30 on Monday morning and I feel like I haven’t slept in a week?

I have a severe case of the winter blahs which probably sounds far more dramatic than intended but is still very real. I’m not going to jump off the Hennepin bridge but I can’t find motivation for anything other than work so I’ve thrown myself into that head first.  In my personal life I’ve only really been doing the things I can’t put off any longer, which is sad because I am excited about a lot of things.  Nate helped me ward off my usual winter grumpiness and I was pretty chipper straight through the holidays but once that was over,  early January was a bit rough.  I managed to escape for a good week and a half to The Warm but now I’m just burnt out. I love Minnesota so it has less to do with being unhappy where I am and more do to with the legitimately real lack of Vitamin D in my life.  The first thing I did after plopping into my office chair this morning – after I laid my head on my desk and internally screamed, “Whhhhhy?!” was take a 3 and a half minute breather to watch this video of I Hate Everyone, a song by Get Set Go.  My best friend Lia brought it to my attention several years ago:


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My house looks like a scene straight out of Jumanji and judging by the fact that it’s January 25th and we’ve yet to take down our Christmas tree, it’s probably going to wait.  It was right back to the office after returning to Minneapolis a week ago yesterday, and despite having an entire weekend at home to re-cooperate, I’m still go go going. Hopefully that doesn’t sound whiny because the truth is I enjoy work and a lengthy To-Do list, almost to a fault probably.

It’s been my intention for a week now to tell you, oh HEY everyone WE ARE GETTING MARRIED! We’re incredibly private people when it comes to our relationship so I’ve been struggling to broach the topic  in a way that makes it less about the announcement and more about what really matters – the friendship and continued commitment we already have. Then I find myself listing off the who, what, where and when of the whole thing – us, engagement, Hermosa Beach, January 17th – and I end up sounding like my relationship status is a business transaction when the truth is I am excited and I am happy.  I’ve gotten a lot of congratulatory messages from people I haven’t even spoken to in years and if I’m being completely honest, it’s a bit awkward.  I appreciate the well wishes – absolutely – but it seems strange to receive a ‘job well done!’ when we’ve been a family for so long even I’ve lost track.  7 years? 8 years? 7.5 years? The truth is, IT DOESN’T MATTER.  We’re each other’s strongest ally.  I was about to say we are incredibly lucky – and maybe in some ways we are – but I don’t know if luck has anything to do with it. It’s been hard, and at times it has been real work. But luck? I don’t know if I’ve ever received anything because of luck.  It’s effort and integrity and making each other better people.  We share everything so perhaps at this point I am most excited to share our name.  Pretty ecstatic about the dress too.  NOT GONNA LIE.

Oh yea, and about that photo slideshow.  We’ll get there. It’s on my To-Do list right after “remember to breathe.”

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